Criminal Defense Against Juvenile Crimes

The prosecution in Williamson County is tough on juvenile delinquents. Be prepared to defend your case.

Any crime (even capital murder) committed by a minor is considered a juvenile offense, also known as “delinquent conduct.” The cases are handled differently than crimes committed by individuals 17 years of age or older; juvenile offenses carry significantly different penalties than crimes committed by adults. Whether you were charged, or your child was charged with a crime, our attorneys at Robert M. Phillips & Associates are sensitive to the unique implications and dimensions of juvenile crime. We defend minors accused of crimes in Georgetown, Williamson County, and throughout Central Texas.

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We handle all types of juvenile offenses, including:

Charged with a Youth Crime in Texas?

Protecting your future must start today. Do NOT speak with law enforcement about your crime before first seeking legal counsel. It is crucial to have an attorney present to guard your rights, and to protect you from the danger of making statements or revealing information that can be used against you. Juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial on the issue of punishment, although juveniles do have the same rights as adults to a jury trial on the issue of guilt or innocence. Most juvenile sentences and dispositions are the result of negotiated sentences (called “plea bargains”). There are also certain programs which a youth offender can attend in lieu of jail time, depending on the criminal charge.

Juveniles Can Be Tried as Adults in Certain Criminal Cases
In some cases, juvenile delinquents may be forced to stand trial as an adult and face long penitentiary sentences. Such cases include charges of murder (or attempted murder), rape, weapon crimes, certain drug crimes, kidnapping, and breaking out of a juvenile detention facility, among others. Visit the Texas Juvenile Justice Department website for more information on how the juvenile court system works.

Protect Your Future. Hire Robert M. Phillips & Associates.

At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, our lawyers have three decades of experience trying juvenile cases and negotiating favorable juvenile plea bargains. We will work to keep you or your child out of the Texas Youth Commission or “juvenile prison”. If you are 17, it is possible for you to be tried in adult court; you need a lawyer to ensure that your penalties are minimized, and your chance for an acquittal or dismissal is maximized.

We Will Defend Your Case and Work to Cleanse Your Criminal Record
Our lawyers will help to protect you, and (in many instances) cleanse your criminal record through an expungement, a sealing of criminal records, or a court order of non-disclosure. We seek to ensure that you stay out of juvenile detention, and help you to move forward into your future without the lingering consequences of a juvenile criminal charge.

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