Bell County Felony Drug Case Reduced to Misdemeanor

Bell County Felony Drug Case Reduced to Misdemeanor

– November 2012

A 21-year-old Texas State student, with a superior academic record and ambitions to become a psychologist, avoided a Bell County felony conviction and criminal record, when her lawyer, Bob Phillips, persuaded the prosecution to reduce a possession of controlled substance case to a misdemeanor, and grant deferred adjudication (which amounts to a delayed dismissal, even of the misdemeanor case).

“The State had significant search and seizure issues, and we felt that we had a great chance to succeed in a jury trial, since there was a real question about whether my client had knowing possession of the alleged narcotics,” said Phillips. “But a misdemeanor deferred made sense for both sides, since my client will essentially have a clean record when she completes her short probation.”

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