Elementary School Teacher Accused of Improper Conduct Received Probation

February 5, 2008 – Austin Chronicle

A former Round Rock elementary school teacher, Kumi Houston, was placed on “shock probation” today, after serving 100 days in prison, pursuant to a plea agreement between her lawyer, Robert M. Phillips of Georgetown, and the Williamson County District Attorney’s office.  In a case that generated a great deal of media publicity, both on local television and print media, Ms. Houston had been accused of having improper sexual relations with a student, a second-degree felony (which carried a potential twenty-year penitentiary sentence).

“There were elements of the case that cried out for a jury trial,” said her lawyer, Bob Phillips, after the sentence.  “The facts might well have generated reasonable doubt in a jury, but Ms. Houston opted to settle the case, in no small part to spare herself and her family the indignity of the public spectacle of a trial.”

It is rare for sex offenders in Williamson County to escape long penitentiary sentences.  Mr. Phillips said after the verdict that he was “quite pleased” with the result.

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