Police Refuse to File False Confession Case

Robert M. Phillips, a veteran criminal defense lawyer in Georgetown, Texas, issued a release today, praising the Austin Police Department for using what Phillips called “professional, sound discretion” in refusing to file charges on a young man fired from a local department store, after being falsely accused of embezzlement.

Phillips would not release the name of the client for confidentiality reasons, but issued this general statement concerning the favorable disposition of the charges:

“Thankfully, we were able to deal with a professional and experienced detective, who was able to recognize a false confession when he saw one, especially with the polygraph evidence we were able to provide. My client was a mentally challenged and fearful young man, who was bullied into confessing to a theft crime he never committed. The department store security people were very heavy-handed in their approach, and my client feared that he had no other choice but to admit to something he knew he didn’t do. He also was forced to sign a phony contract, agreeing to pay restitution, which we have refused to honor, due to the coerced confession. We couldn’t be more pleased with how the case has been resolved.”

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