Single Mother of Boy Who Ingested LSD-Laced Candy Regains Full Legal Custody of the Child

January 23, 2008 – Austin American Statesman

On Tuesday, January 22, 2008, Judge Mike Jergins of the 395th Judicial District Court in Williamson County, signed an agreed Order of Dismissal, whereby the State of Texas and Child Protective Services agreed to return full custody of Aidan Freas, 4 years old, to his mother, Ashli Freas, 23.  Two summers ago, Aidan ingested several Sweet Tart candies, laced with LSD, leading to criminal neglect charges against his mother for endangerment of a child, as well as the temporary termination of custodial rights for Ms. Freas.

“It’s been a long ordeal, but it has had a happy ending,” said Ms. Freas’ lawyer, Robert M. Phillips of Georgetown, who represented her on both the civil and criminal cases.  “Even though we were successful in getting the felony criminal charges dismissed rather early, the government was extraordinarily cautious in returning Aidan to Ashli’s care, despite the absence of criminal charges.  She has done everything asked of her, by both the Court and CPS, and despite how painful it has been to be apart from her son, she has matured greatly in the process, and is actually now a sought-after speaker to single mothers facing various struggles and temptations, both with drugs and unsavory associates.”

Ms. Freas was arrested for endangerment of a child on June 19, 2006 (the day Aidan ingested the LSD), but that case was dismissed on January 10, 2007, when charges were reduced to a misdemeanor (failing to report a felony).

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