Robert M. Phillips & Associates Achieves Extraordinary Result On Sexual Assault Case

Robert M. Phillips & Associates gained the most outstanding result on a sexual assault case in the firm’s history. The result involves the dismissal of all charges pending completion of a one-year probation.

Almost exactly three years from the date he was charged, a 28-year-old Travis County man finally emerged from the cloud of a sexual assault indictment in Travis County, with what Robert M. Phillips, called “the most extraordinary result, other than a dismissal, our firm has ever achieved on a sexual assault case.”

The case involved what Phillips called “highly questionable allegations” of sexual assault, from an incident that occurred at an Austin restaurant/bar in the summer of 2009, and led to Phillips’ client being accused of the second-degree felony, for which he was preparing to go to trial, until the settlement was proposed by the Travis County District Attorney’s office, and accepted by Phillips’ client.

“I believe my client would have prevailed in a jury trial, and we were prepared to go forward and seek a ‘not-guilty verdict,’ but I believe the young man made the right decision, given that all charges will ultimately be dismissed, upon successful completion of the one-year misdemeanor deferred adjudication probation,” Phillips said.

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